Thanks to our friends at Repour in the United States, we’re saving Aussies and Kiwis one glass at a time!

With a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Tom Lutz knew there must be a better way …

Tom Lutz is a busy working parent who loves to relax with a glass of wine on a Friday night. He also hates to throw wine that has gone bad down the drain. Tom tried various gadgets available to save his wine, but to no avail: They were too expensive, too complicated, and only partially effective.

With a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Tom knew there must be a better way! He took matters into his own hands and the result is the Repour Wine Saver. It’s taken a great deal of effort in development, testing, and refinement, but the clear test results are in: Repour, which is the first of its kind to utilise oxygen absorption to eliminate ALL of the oxygen in the wine, is the most effective, and easiest, wine preservation method available.

You have Tom’s word and – as the exclusive distributor of the REPOUR product in Australia and New Zealand – you have Wine Saver Holding’s promise, along with clinical studies and expert reviews from the world’s leading Sommeliers.

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Just had a drink from a bottle of Pinot that we opened on Saturday and the two glasses I had were as tasty as the first two! So far small sample size but great results with the Repour wine saver. I have already passed out several samples to friends to try after I told them about it.

Michael Jancosek