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The Repour stopper could be a game changer. Having worked with preservation systems for over 20 years, this product trumps everything else currently available in the marketplace in my view. I have been trialling Repour for the past 4 weeks, on numerous different varieties and on bottles from different countries. I have taken different amounts of wine out of each bottle to see if there was any impact on the quality of the wine dependent on the amount of oxygen in the bottle. In all cases the wine presented beautifully on opening. If anything the system works too well.. you need to allow some small time of air exposure again to freshen the wine. A great, simple and cost effective product that has a place in any wine lover’s home or in any commercial operation. This is a product for those who care about delivering a quality wine down to the last drop in the best possible condition.

Dr Ron Georgiou MW

Master of Wine

As a Master of Wine, it’s always been important to me to find a way to preserve open wine samples and avoid pouring beautiful wines down the drain due to oxidation.
Intrigued by the claims made about the Repour stopper, I was keen to give it a try. Over the past two months, I’ve trialled the Repour stopper on a variety of white, red and sweet wines at various ullage levels over periods up to two weeks at a time.

I was incredibly impressed with how well the Repour stopper performed, preserving the exact aromas and flavours of the wine as they were on the day the wine was opened. It’s simple, easy to use and can be reused over the life of a bottle, making it ideal for both home and professional use.
Best of all, it’s recyclable. I was so pleased with the product I’ve now bought some for myself and will be recommending it to my students and customers.

Andrea Pritzker MW

Master of Wine Founder, Wine inTuition

“Re-pour allows us to offer limited release wines at higher price points without the clumsiness or cost associated with Coravin….

We’re a high volume business. Having re-pour allows us to offer our exceptional BTG wines quickly without the worry of spoilage. …

The cost savings associated with re-pour are tremendous; to think we were buying argon canisters for all this time!”

Anthony Pieri

Head Sommelier, Apples + Pears Entertainment Group

I was recently sent samples of a new wine leftover preservation system that seems to work fairly well. It’s an American invention called Repour Winesaver. The throwaway device consists of a plastic stopper full of an oxygen-scavenging material (which the inventor declined to identify). You simply open a bottle of wine, pour yourself a glass and re-seal it with a Repour stopper after removing a foil tear-tab.


Bob Campbel MW

Master of Wine

A friend of mine Bill from a Wine Tasting group that I have been in for quite a while suggested I test the repour wine saver. I have been drinking wine for 44 years, since I was 12 years old at home with my family. I really appreciate good wine. I have also done half a wine science degree from Charles Sturt University at Wagga Wagga and my parents at one stage owned a winery in Glen Aplin near Stanthorpe where I helped make some wine. I also hold Commerce and Law Degrees from the University of Queensland and am admitted as a Barrister of the Supreme Court of Queensland and have almost completed a CPA in accounting.

I decided to use the repour on a bottle of Saperavi that I had purchased from Ballandean Estate, Ballandean, Queensland that had a cork. I drank half the bottle of the Saperavi one night then left it with the repour cork for 2-3 weeks on a bench and then reopened it again. On reopening the wine tasted just as it had when I first opened the bottle. I was really surprised. I had read testimonials and watched a video but like a doubting Thomas I did not believe it until I had experienced it. I would recommend repour to anyone who has opened a good bottle of wine and does not finish it but would like to drink it later. It is really good.”

Bernadette Nicoll

“…when I was sent a packet of newly-released REPOUR wine savers” I was a tad skeptical.

It’s basically a plastic wine stopper that absorbs any oxygen present inside the wine bottle. Using it is as easy as taking the cork out or unscrewing the cap, removing the tiny foil seal on the bottom of the REPOUR and bunging it into your bottle. When you want to enjoy another glass, you just take the stopper out, pour then pop it back in.

I experimented with a bottle of delicate Chablis and tasted it once a week for 7 weeks and it was only the last week or two that I felt the wine was tipping over. I also opened a bottle of Barossa shiraz and I was still thinking how fresh and frisky it was about nine weeks after opening. I was impressed.”

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Yvonne Lorkin

Wine Writer & Wine Judge NZ

We opened the Chardonnay two weeks later and…delicious!


@Perthwinegirl - Australian Wine Blogger

These little stoppers have been a GAME changer when it comes to being a wine nerd. You’ll be wondering how you ever ‘did wine’ without them

Chloe Cristallini

WSET Student

“Repour Wine Saver’s oxygen-absorbing technology likely takes the cake. It promises to preserve an open bottle of wine for a whopping nine months after opening”

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“Repour is basically a plug or stopper designed to absorb oxygen and hence keep oxygen from opened wine. Each Repour stopper is single-use; you then throw each stopper away. …. Using them is simply a matter of sticking one in the end of the bottle, just as you would a cork; ease-of-use is one of the key selling points.

… I opened two bottles of Leconfield Cabernet Franc 2016 on March 15, poured a glass out from each, and stoppered one with the Repour, while the other I just re-capped with its screwcap. I left these alone until April 6. How does a Repour-stopped bottle compare against simply putting the screwcap back on?

Re-sealed with its screw cap: totally and utterly knackered.

Repour-sealed: still drinking very well. Advanced a little but not to any great degree. No one would blink an eye if you served this, and yet it had been open for three weeks.”

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Campbell Mattison

The Wine Front Review